Arrange the statements in each section below in order. Drag the one you agree with most to the top, and the one that is least applicable to the bottom.

Focus on one team that you are part of, and reflect on your immediate, subjective, perception of your work. There are no right or wrong answers.

The second half of this survey repeats the statements, asking for a different set of comparisons.


Personal Report

The Personal Report visualises your answers, highlighting the elements of your work that you, personally, feel stongest and weakest.

The Navigator provides you with relative measurements. There is no right or wrong, just relative strengths and weaknesses. The information presented here is a snapshot of your immediate, subjective perceptions.

When aggregated with the data from the rest of your team or organization, this data quickly highlights shared perceptions, making it possible to quickly investigate common issues.

Level biasclose

Which levels of your operationalisation require the most attention? Do you need to focus more on individual working practices, should you look more at team capabilities, or do you need to tackle the organizational context?

Dimension biasclose

What aspects of your efforts might have the biggest blind spots? Are you capable of creating the psychological safety required? So you need clearer processes, do you need to focus on technology and tooling, are people undecertain about the kind of action they should be taking?

Mode biasclose